What can you do to help?

There are many different types of help you can offer, but they are broadly split in to Street Coordinators, who act as a liaison between those needing help and those offering help; and there are the helpers themselves who can offer to undertake the help. You can be both. 

Street Coordinators

There tends to only be a single Street Coordinator per street. To see if your street has a street Coordinator please visit the ''street coordinators' page under the 'Can you help?' menu heading or click here. Here you will find a list of streets still needing a coordinator. If your street isn't there the role has already been filled.

Providing Help

If you would like to help someone in isolation, collecting shopping, prescriptions, talking on the phone, walking their dog etc. please visit the 'Providing help' page which can be found under the "Can you help?' menu heading or click here. You can fill in a form with the type of help you can provide, and give details about your availability.

Thanks so much


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